O’Hare Modernization Program


As part of the O’Hare Modernization Program (OMP), the Southwest Acquisition Area (SWAA) is scheduled for demolition and eventual airport expansion. New runways, airport support buildings, and internal roadways will be constructed on the newly acquired airport land. Irving Park Road will eventually be re-routed to the south of the new runways and will tie into the current Route 19 at Taft Road. The Canada Pacific and Union Pacific railways will also be re-routed to suit the airport’s needs.

The construction management and demolition of the SWAA is being overseen by the OMP. The SWAA has been divided into seven (7) different zones that are known as demolition packages. They are numbered one (1) through seven (7) and are identified on the map HERE.

Several different demolition contractors will be selected to perform the work.  Each package will have one demolition contractor, but each contractor can be awarded more than one package of work.  For more information, select from the links on the left. For current weekly updates on general demolition progress, please select the “Demolition Schedule & Updates” link.

For any questions or concerns about the OMP or SWAA please contact Mark Rysavy