Debris Removal

When each house or building has been completely remediated, the demolition can begin.  All the demolition contractors have been required to purchase a hydrant meter with a backflow prevention device for them to pay the Village of Bensenville for any water used in the demolition.  Water will be used to spray each house or building as necessary to control dust and debris from spreading through the air.  Roads will be sprayed to prevent dirt and debris from spreading due to truck traffic.

All construction debris will be separated into like materials.  Concrete will be crushed and relocated to the south end of Package 6 along the railroad tracks.  All asphalt debris will be ground up and transported to the asphalt pile on O’Hare property to the north of Irving Park Road.  The remainder of the debris will be removed from the SWAA completely and transported to approved landfills or recycling centers.  Much of the steel, aluminum and glass will be recycled to reduce waste.

All construction traffic for Packages 1-6 will enter and exit the site from the east and will not go further west than O’Leary Drive.  No construction vehicles will be allowed west of O’Leary or on York Road.  All construction traffic for Package 7 will enter and exit the site from Green Street onto Lincoln Avenue.  No construction vehicles will be allowed west of Lincoln or on York Road.