IL-19 Streetscape Project


The landscape restoration was completed earlier this week. This project is now completed with the exception of sign installation and miscellaneous punch list items, which will be completed in the coming weeks. This project is not impacted by the State budget issues.


The landscape restoration was postponed until the week of June 19, 2017 due to extreme heat earlier this week. Punch list items will be worked on simultaneously.

Update- 06/12/2017
All stamped sidewalk has been installed with the exception of one sidewalk square at the northwest corner of Il-19/Marshall Rd due to the conflict with existing ComEd pole relocation. This square will be installed by Village forces after the pole has been relocated. The landscape work has been postponed until the week of June 19, 2017 due to extreme heat this week.

Update- 06/02/2017
Weather permitting, during the week of June 5, 2017, Village’s streetscape contractor will be working on installing sidewalks at the intersection of IL-19 and Marshall Rd under daily lane closures.

Update- 05/25/2017

Speedway contractor finished the installation of permanent traffic signal at IL-19/Marshall Rd. The signal was turned on May 25, 2017. They will work on removing the temporary traffic signal removal remainder of the week and week of May 29, 2017. The Village's streetscape contractor begin installation of stamped concrete sidewalk in front of Speedway and will continue to button up the sidewalk on the south side the week of May 29, 2017.

Update- 05/19/2017
Weather permitting, during week of May 22, 2017, Speedway’s electric contractor will finish installation of the permanent traffic signals at IL-19/Marshall Road. The signal turn on date with IDOT is scheduled for May 25, 2017. Village’s streetscape contractor will begin preparation for the installation of the remaining stamped concrete sidewalk and work with Speedway’s contractor to perform the sidewalk work at the intersection of IL-19/Marshall Rd.

Update- 05/11/2017
Weather permitting, Speedway’s electrical contractor is scheduled to be installing permanent traffic signals the week of 5/15/17 as well as 5/22/17. Once the permanent signals are in place, the temporary signals will be removed. Tentatively, the Village’s streetscape contractor is scheduled to be back on site the week of 5/22/17 to finish up the remainder of the stamped sidewalk. The remaining sidewalk and landscape restoration work is anticipated to be completed by Mid to Late June 2017.

Update- 12/12/2016
The IL-19 Streetscape improvements project between Eastview Ave and Pine Ave has been shut down for the winter months. Due to conflict with the Speedway development, the remaining streetlight and stamped sidewalk work between Eastview Ave and Marshall Rd will resume in the Spring of 2017. Weather permitting, the remaining work is scheduled to be completed with 5-6 weeks.

Approximately 80% of contract work was completed this year including stamped sidewalk, streetlight installation, traffic signal modification and restoration. Please contact Assistant Director of Public Works – Engineering, Mehul Patel at 630-594-1196 for questions related to this project.