December 2017 Completed FOIA Requests

12/4/2017 Marek Gagatele Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 17-12318 Complete  
12/5/2017 Pawel Kruk Bensenville, IL Complaints Filed Against 113 W. Belmont Ave. Complete View
12/5/2017 Johnny
Oak Brook, IL New Business Licenses Issued in November 2017 Complete View
12/6/2017 Julie Wylie Southeastern, PA Crime Report No. 17-12772 Complete  
12/6/2017 Amit Patel Bartlett, IL All Police Reports RE: 1040 S. York Road within
the Last Six Months for Apartment 2S
12/7/2017 Henry Rafidia Chicago, IL All Submitted Proposals for the 2017 Statements of
Qualifications for Short-Lists for Civil Engineering
Complete View
12/7/2017 Mark Huske Schaumburg, IL 640 S. York Road Information Complete View
12/7/2017 Karen Boivin Lombard, IL 169 Martha Street Permit Information Complete View
12/8/2017 Amit Patel Barteltt, IL All Police Reports RE: 1040 S. York Road within
the Last Six Months 
12/8/2017 Jeremy Andrews Bensenville, IL Non Crime/Other Report No. 17-13143 Complete  
12/8/2017 Robert Anderson Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 17-13023 Complete  
12/8/2017 Jacob Wernik Elk Grove Village, IL 24 S. Addison St. Parking Lot Information Complete View
12/8/2017 Mark Baumhart Elk Grove Village, IL 240 Foster Ave. Chemical Spill Information Complete View
12/8/2017 Dave Sendek Farmington Hills, MI 104 Foster Ave. Records Complete View
12/11/2017 Kelly Toler Hillside, IL Call for Service Report No. 17-13380 Complete  
12/13/2017 Metropolitan
Reporting Bureau
Philadelphia, PA Crime Report No. 17-12029 Complete  
12/14/2017 Eileen Flood Oakbrook
Terrace, IL
Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste Information Complete View
12/14/2017 Missy Quirke Vernon Hills, IL Thornton's Gas Station Development Agreement Complete View
12/14/2017 Grazyna 
Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 17-13529 Complete  
12/14/2017 Lexi Wachter New York, NY 745 Birginal Drive Information Complete View
12/15/2017 Miranda Curtis Chicago, IL All Accident Reports from 11/22/17 - 11/29/17 Complete  
12/15/2017 Konrad Gyta Bensenville, IL Call for Service Report No. 17-12708 Complete  
12/15/2017 Sofia Dubis N/A All Police Reports RE: Sofia Dubis from 2012 Complete