Church Rd Resurface (Grand to Jefferson)

Update- 06/30/2017

The landscape restoration, striping and aggregate shoulder work was completed earlier this week. This project is now completed with the exception of sign installation and miscellaneous punch list items, which will be completed after the State of Illinois budget passage. There will be no work on this project until the State of Illinois has an approved budget.

Project Update- 06/16/2017

The contractor worked fixing the sink hole at Crest Ave/Church Rd. The contractor also installed topsoil this week. HMA surface placement is tentatively scheduled towards the end of week of June 19, 2017. After the placement of the surface the project should be completed with the exception of landscape, fence gates, striping and punch list. 

Update- 06/12/2017
All structure adjustments have been completed. Currently, the contractor is awaiting a sink hole repair at Crest Ave and Church Rd. Weather permitting, the contractor is scheduled to install hot-mix asphalt surface course towards the end of this week or early part of next week beginning June 19, 2017.

Project Updated- 06/02/2017
Weather permitting, during the week of June 5, 2017, the contractor will be paving the shared use path within the project limits. The contractor also plans to complete the required electrical work at Church Rd/Grand Ave intersection along with structure adjustments with the roadway. Work will be performed using flaggers. Please avoid the construction zone if possible.

Project Updated- 05/25/2017
The contractor installed a hot-mix asphalt binder test strip at the south end of the project this week, and is scheduled to finish installing pavement patches on Friday May 26, 2017 (weather permitting). Once the test strip has been approved by IDOT materials, the contractor will continue to install the HMA binder.  Structure adjustments, detector loops, and HMA surface will follow the binder installation. The project team is hopeful of receiving the test strip approval the week of May 29, 2017. The fence contractor continued fence installation this past week and will likely finish the week of May 29, with the exceptions of gates.

Project Updated- 05/19/2017
Weather permitting, the week of May 22, 2017, contractor plans to perform asphalt pavement patches as well as a hot-mix asphalt binder test strip. Fence installation will continue during the week of 5/22/17 as well. All roadway pavement operations will be done using flaggers. Please avoid the construction zone if possible.

Project Updated- 05/11/2017
Weather permitting, the contractor is scheduled to continue installation of the fence week of 5/15/17 & 5/22/17. The contractor also plans to begin grinding the existing roadway pavement during the week of 5/15/17 which will be completed the week of 5/22/17. Pavement patching operation will follow the grinding operations the week of 5/22/17. All operations will be conducted using flaggers. Please avoid construction zone if possible.

Church Road Bike Path and Resurfacing project Update 12/12/2016
The Church Road Bike Path and Resurfacing project between Grand Avenue and Jefferson Street has shut down for the winter months.

After a lengthy delay in awarding the project by Illinois Department of Transportation, the contractor completed a substantial amount of work this year. The completed work included excavation and embankment for the path, private and commercial driveways, fire hydrant relocations, stormwater drainage improvements, culvert extensions, and the stone base for the future asphalt bike path.

The work is scheduled to resume in Spring of 2017. The remainder of the work includes paving the new asphalt bike path, grinding of existing Church Rd pavement, patching, resurfacing, pavement striping, fencing, landscape restoration and other miscellaneous items necessary to complete the project. Weather permitting, the remainder of the work is expected to be completed within 8-10 weeks after the work has resumed.

If you have any questions regarding the project, feel free to contact the project’s Resident Engineer, Clay Keller of Bollinger, Lach & Associates, at 630-936-9456 or Assistant Director of Public Works-Engineering, Mehul Patel at 630-594-1196.

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