January 2018 Completed FOIA Requests

1/4/2018 Sandra Sosa Chicago, IL Call for Service Report No. 17-13252 Complete  
1/4/2018 Jesus Navarez Cicero, IL Crime Report No. 17-13888 Complete  
1/5/2018 Michael Legenza Westmont, IL Call for Service Report No. 17-2422 &
Crime Report No. 17-3058
1/5/2018 Danielle Stoklosa Bensenville, IL All Police Reports RE: Jarrett Clark & 
Danielle Stoklosa
1/5/2018 Hilda Rodriguez Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 17-13719 Complete  
1/5/2018 Jose Moreno Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 17-14272 Complete  
1/5/2018 Dan Rose Franklin Park, IL Crime Report No. 17-14027 Complete  
1/5/2018 Stephen Avery Downers Grove,
Non Crime/Other Report No. 17-12628 Complete  
1/5/2018 Timothy Walsh Chicago, IL 1285 N. Ellis St. Records Complete View
1/5/2018 Robert Jones Buffalo Grove, 
Information Pertaining to Construction at
Edge Ice Arena
Complete View
1/5/2018 Joanna Stachel West Chicago, IL Backflow Test Results from 2017 Complete View
1/8/2018 Syeda Fatima Morton Grove, IL Crime Report No. 17-13136 Complete  
1/9/5018 Johnny Kalamatianos Oakbrook, IL Business Licenses Issued in December 2017 Complete View
1/9/2018 Johnny Kalamatianos Oakbrook, IL Building Permit for 350 N. York Rd. Complete View
1/9/2018 Michael Ryan Rosemont, IL Ordinance/Resolutions Passed for 340 County
Line Rd. from 1/1/13 - 1/1/18
Complete View
1/9/2018 Eva Dobrovolskyte Rolling 
Meadows, IL
17W320 Oak Street Water Bill, Violations, Permits Complete View
1/9/2018 Miranda Curtis Chicago, IL Traffic Reports from 12/2217 - 1/5/18 Complete  
1/9/2018 Tham Phan Bensenville, IL 225 N. Church Rd. Violations Complete View
1/10/2018 Julie Wylie Southeastern, PA Crime Report No. 17-13598 Complete  
1/10/2018 Law Office of
R.F. Wittmeyer
Arlington Heights,
Arrest Report No. 17-13845 Complete  
1/11/2018 Renee Hix Mays Downers Grove,
1231 N. Ellis St. UST/AST, Hazardous Materials,
Petroleum Products
Complete View
1/11/2018 Stephanie Romero Oklahoma City,
710-854 Foster Avenue Records Complete View
1/11/2018 Jennifer Marsh Batavia, IL Fence Permits Issued in 2017 Complete View
1/12/2018 Arturo Hurtado Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 18-205 Complete  
1/12/2018 Kaitlyn Kampion Chicago, IL Current List of Businesses Complete View
1/16/2018 Javier A. Cabrera Waukegan, IL Crime Report No. 17-6072 Complete