Railroad Ave/Metra Lot Improvements

Railroad Ave/Metra Lot – The contractor is scheduled to mobilize during the week of July 2 with traffic and erosion control scheduled to be installed that week. The work is anticipated to begin during the week of July 9. This project has a substantial completion date of October 30, 2018. The project is designed to be constructed under complete road closures. Railroad Ave will be constructed under complete closures. Traffic will be detoured to Main St during construction.  Access to businesses/residents and emergency vehicles will be maintained. The Metra commuter lot will also be constructed under complete closure. Railroad Ave between York Rd and Center St will be reconstructed with a new Hot-Mix Asphalt pavement, stamped sidewalk, C&G, driveway aprons, planter boxes, benches, striping and landscape restoration. The Metra commuter lot will be reconfigured to allow for PACE bus stop as well as bus layover space.

Information Letter

Update 04/05/2019

The contractor will onsite to pressure wash and seal the stamped concrete in the  project limits on Monday April 8 and Tuesday April 9. At this time, we are not anticipating any closures in the commuter lot but there is a slight chance the contractor may need to block of certain areas for this operations. If necessary, these areas will be barricaded off. The commuters can utilize parking spaces along Main St west of Addison St during this operation.

Update 11/09/2018

This project is substantially completed. The contractor will be working on the punch list items as the weather permits. The unfinished punch list will be completed in the Spring of 2019.

Update 08/16/2018

During the week of Aug 13, the contractor installed hot-mix asphalt binder on Railroad Ave and is expected to begin prepping for the stamped sidewalk installation. Weather permitting, during the week of Aug 20, the contractor is anticipated to install the stamped sidewalk as well as fix one of the two planter boxes that were poured last week. At this time, it is anticipated the contractor will mobilize into the commuter lot mid to end of next week. Any remaining stamped sidewalk to be installed on Railroad Ave is Stage I, will then be done under daily lane closures. PACE will temporarily relocate the bus stop from the commuter lot to the northeast corner of Center/Railroad Ave once the construction begins in the commuter lot.

Update 08/02/2018

During the week of July 30, the underground contractor will completed storm sewer installation between Center and Addison St. The remainder of the pavement was removed. The contractor also performed proof roll, undercuts and prepared the aggregate base course. The concrete sub is scheduled to come in this Saturday to begin framing and pouring C&G. During the week of August 6, 2018, the concrete contractor will continue with C&G, sidewalk and planter box installation, weather permitting. At this time, it is anticipated it will take about 2-3 weeks to complete the improvements between Addison and Center St. The contractor will then move over to the commuter lot. The tentative date for closing the commuter lot is Aug 15, 2018 to begin the improvements within the lot.