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Posted on: January 12, 2018

Tree Trimming Zone 5 - Begins 1/15/18


Tree Trimming will begin in Maintenance Zone 5 on 1/15/18 (weather permitting).

Winter is the dormant season for trees and usually the best time to trim or prune a tree.  This winter, the Village is trimming Village trees in Maintenance Zone 5, which is George St to the north, Grand Ave to the South, East of Countyline Road and west to Church Road including Massel Court.  Bensenville contracted with Winkler’s Tree Service to trim 15” and larger diameter trees while the Village crews will trim trees that are less than 15” in diameter. It has been several years since these trees were trimmed so you may notice a dramatic difference. That difference is boosted by the fact that the trees are bare and not covered in leaves. After the trees are trimmed they may look barren until new spring growth occurs. History has proven that proper tree trimming is vital to maintain the appearance and health of the urban forest.

Trees are trimmed for improved Aesthetics, Safety and Health.  


  • Helps to maintain a trees shape and appearance.  
  • Eliminates dead or broken branches and limbs that can fall off at any time.
  • Reduces tree limbs and branches that occasionally grow too close to utility lines.
  • Makes is possible to save an infected tree by strategically trimming away affected branches and limbs.
  • Thins the crown of a tree to improve airflow, which is beneficial.
  • Reduces branches that are crossing or rubbing together, so they don’t fall unexpectedly.  
  • Allows sun light to penetrate the crown of the tree to promote new growth and strengthen existing limbs.
  • Eliminates weak forks in tree stems and reduces the weight on support limbs.
  • Reduces the possibility of future damage to the tree by high winds and storms.
  • Maintains adequate visibility and vertical clearance for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

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