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February 2016 Completed FOIA Requests

 2/4/2016  David Murphy  Des Plaines, IL  Call for Service
 Report 16-645
 2/4/2016   Krzysztof 
 Bensenville, IL  Non Crime/Other
 Report 16-820
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 2/4/2016  Jessica Tullier  Chicago, IL  Violations for 
 1101-1139 and 
 Tower Lane
 Completed  View
 2/4/2016  Gregory Easley  La Grange, IL  Permit for
 Room Additions
 at 215 S.
 Mason St.
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 2/4/2016  Lismar Guerrero  Bensenville, IL  Call for Service
 Reports 15-9603
 and 15-11875
 Completed  View
 2/4/2016  Nemanja Janjic  Bensenville, IL  Crime Report
 Completed  View
 2/4/2016  Itzel Garcia  Bensenville, IL  Call for Service
 Report 15-12821
 Completed  View
 2/4/2016  Anthony Goff  Bensenville, IL  Crime Report 
 Completed   View
 2/4/2016  Stephanie 
 Bensenville, IL  Crime Report 
 Completed  View
 2/4/2016  John Kramer  Wood Dale, IL  Bid Results from
 2013 Lawn 
 Completed   View
 2/4/2016  Thomas Stumpf  Park Ridge, IL  Violations for 
 1123 S. David Dr.
 Complete  View
 2/5/2016  Michael Harn  Countryside, IL  Certified Payroll
 for Demolition
 Project of 131
 S. Mason St.
 Complete  View
 2/5/2016  Sean Merck  Orland Park, IL  Permits Issued to
 1555 Devon Ave.
 Prior to 7/23/14
 Complete  View
 2/5/2016  Thomas Peters  Fox Lake, IL  Building Permits 
 Issued Between
 1/1/16 - Current
 Date for 
 Construction Value
 Greater than
 Complete  View
 2/9/2016  Katarzyna
 Chicago, IL  Crime Report
 Complete  View
 2/10/2016  Chris Andriesen  Chicago, IL  Union Employee
 Names and Zip
 Complete  View
 2/10/2016  Rusen Rusen  Bensenville, IL  Electrical Permits
 Issued to 230 
 Grace Street 
 Within the Last
 Ten Years
 Complete  View
 2/10/2016  Jesus Medrano  Wood Dale, IL  Police Reports 
 Pertaining to
 Case #
 Complete  View
 2/10/2016  Lara Crawford  Chicago, IL  Information 
 Pertaining to
 840 Industrial Dr.
 Complete  View
 2/15/2016  Martho Cruz  Bensenville, IL  Arrest Report
 No. 11-8616
 Complete  View
 2/15/2016  Jarrett Clark  Lancaster, PA  All Police Reports
 for Jarrett Clark 
 and Danielle
 Complete   View
 2/15/2016  Arlex Bernard  Bensenville, IL  Call for Service
 Report No.
 Complete  View
 2/15/2016  Jacqueline 
 Bensenville, IL  Crime Report 
 No. 13-8353;
 Call for Service
 Report No. 
 12-8756; Non
 Report No. 
 14-11130; Crime
 Report No. 16-891
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 2/16/2016  Matt Hillstrom  Libertyville, IL  All Inspection
 Reports to
 date for
 Permit #5310
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 2/17/2016  Julie Wylie  Southeastern, PA  Crime Report
 Complete  View
 2/17/2016  Jose Diaz  Franklin Park, IL  Non Crime/
 Other Report
 Complete  View
 2/19/2016  Kelly Yakes  Geneva, IL  All Environmental 
 Records Pertaining
 to 501 Frontier 
 Complete  View
 2/19/2016  Tracy Ricker  Chicago, Il  All Building Permit
 and Inspection
 Reports for 1101-
 1171; 1111; 1131;
 1135; 1137; and
 1139 Tower Lane
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 2/19/2016  Cassie Phelps  Oklahoma City,
 Certificate of 
 Occupancy; Zoning
 Approvals; Code
 Violations and 
 Future Road 
 Projects for 1101-
 1117 Ellis Street
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 2/25/2016  Kurt Martin  Fort Worth, TX  All Records 
 Pertaining to 1851
 Arthur Avenue,
 Elk Grove Village
 Complete  View
 2/25/2016  Karen Lindblad  Fort Worth, TX  All Records 
 Pertaining to 1101
 - 1117 Ellis Street
 Complete  View
 2/25/2016  Modesta Torres  Glendale Height,
 Incident Report
 Complete   View 
 2/25/2016  J. Bryant 
 Crime Report
 Complete  View
 Debra Luby  Bensenville, IL  Crime Report
 Complete  View
 2/25/2016  Ashley-Edward
 Bensenville, IL  Crime Report 
 Complete  View
 2/25/2016  Beata Piskorz  Bensenville, IL  Crime Report
 Complete  View
 2/25/2016  Gerson Morales  Addison, IL  Call for Service
 Report 16-1102
 Complete  View
 2/26/2016  Jack Riley  Warrenville, IL  Permit Information
 for 2 S. York Road
 Complete  View
 2/26/2016  Joseph Weber  Lisle, IL  Permit Information
 for 125 W. Grand 
 Complete  View
 2/26/2016  Joseph Weber  Lisle, IL  Permit Information
 for 213 N. Walnut
 Complete   View
 2/26/2016  Nicole Douglas  Ambler, PA  Records Pertaining
 to 325 N. York Rd.
 Complete  View
 2/26/2016  Lindsey 
 Grand Rapids, MI  Records Pertaining
 to 1077 & 1081
 Sesame Street
 Complete   View
 2/26/2016  Elizabeth 
 Chicago, IL  Incident Report
 Complete   View