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March 2016 Completed FOIA Requests

 3/1/2016  Janel Molitor  Schaumburg, IL  Crime Report
 No. 16-1743
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 3/1/2016  Kevin Wagner  Bensenville, IL  Crime Report
 No. 15-210
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 3/1/2016  Florenica
 Cicero, IL  Call for Service
 Report No.
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 3/1/2016  Quinton Clay  Bensenville, IL  Crime Report
 No. 16-784
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 3/3/2016  Ramon Lopez  Chicago, IL  312 E. Pine St.
 Violations and
 Water Bill
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 3/3/2016  Sarah 
 Mt. Prospect, IL  Certificates of
 Occupancy for 
 Thorndale Ave.
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 3/4/2016  Charles Rizzo  Bensenville, IL  Village
 Pertaining to 
 Trustee Susan
 Janowiak from 
 12/1/16 - 2/24/16
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 3/4/2016  Charles Rizzo  Bensenville, IL  All Correspondence
 Between Bond/
 Dickson Law Firm 
 or any Legal 
 Counsel and the
 Village Regarding 
 Trustee Susan 
 Janowiak and/or
 Sign Works from 
 12/1/16 - 2/24/16
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 3/4/2016  Adele Schultz  Waukesha, WI  Crime Report
 No. 16-1714
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 3/4/2016  Juanita Urbie  Bensenville, IL  Crime Report
 No. 16-1900
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 3/4/2016  Christopher 
 Bensenville, IL  Arrest Report 
 No. 15-3811
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 3/8/2016  Veronica 
 Bensenville, IL  Follow-Up Report
 No. 16-1998
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 3/8/2016  Lewis Avery  Hanover Park, IL  Call for Service
 Report No. 16-1987
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 3/10/2016  Curt J.
 Itasca, IL  Roof Permit for 
 1243 Indian Hill Dr.
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 3/10/2016  Better
 N/A  Current Payroll  Complete  View
 3/14/2016  Paul De
 Bensenville, IL  Christopher B.
 Burke Design 
 Proposal from May
 4, 2015 RE: White
 Pines Area System
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 3/14/2016  Annette
 Franklin Park, IL  2013 Inspection for
 13 W. Main St, Apt
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 3/14/2016  Natalie Daigle  Chicago, IL  770-830 John St.
 Permits, Certificates
 of Occupancy, 
 Hazardous Materials,
 Above Ground Storage
 Tank Information
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 3/14/2016  Melwin 
 Dallas, TX  238 S. Judson St.
 Water Bill, Violations
 and Permits
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 3/14/2016  Mark 
 Addison, IL  127 Dolores Dr. 
 Twelve Month Water
 Bill History
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 3/14/2016  Carolina Monje  Glendale 
 Heights, IL
 All Police Reports for
 Carlos Javier Paulino
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 3/14/2016  Nevy Garcia  Woodland, WA  Incident Report No.
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 3/14/2016  Mark Kiel  Bensenville, IL  Call for Service
 Report No. 16-2191
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 3/15/2016  Michael Moore  Richmond, IL  Any and All Police
 Reports for: Nicolette
 Kampert, Nicolette
 Moore, Leland Speer,
 Ezekiel Moore,
 Marilyn Moore, and
 Adelyn Moore
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 3/17/2016  Agnus Kruk  Bensenville, IL  Call for Service
 Report No. 16-2313
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 3/17/2016  Chris Herrera  Bensenville, IL  Crime Report 
 No. 16-0764
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 3/17/2016  Jose Luis
 Elmhurst, IL  Call for Service 
 Report No. 16-0058 
 and Arrest Report 
 No. 15-7324
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 3/17/2016  Ivy Villa  Chicago, IL  Call for Service 
 Report No. 16-2366
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 3/17/2016  Mark Keane  Bensenville, IL  Current Balance of the
 Unincorporated Water
 Fund and Invoices 
 Paid from the 
 Unincorporated Water
 Fund from January 1,
 2016 - Present
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 3/21/2016  Customwood
 Romeoville, IL  Building Permits Issued
 for New Single Family
 Homes Within The Last
 Three Months
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 3/21/2016  Ray Deyne  Bartlett, IL  515-525 W. Main St.:
 Certificates of 
 Occupancy; Permits; 
 Environmental Records
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 3/21/2016  Gerald Murphy  Rosemont, IL  Non Crime/Other
 Report No. 16-2249
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 3/22/2016  Emily Owen  Chicago, IL  Police Report 
 No 16-695
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 3/22/2016  Daniel
 Chicago, IL  Building Permits for
 4N211 Ridgewood Ave.
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 3/24/2016  Katina Fritz  Bensenville, IL  Non Crime/Other
 Report No. 16-2183 &
 Call for Service
 Report No. 16-2198
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 3/24/2016  Cinzia Clara La
 Elmwood Park, IL  Call for Service Report
 No. 15-11157; Crime
 Report No. 15-11495;
 Crime Report No. 
 15-12725; Crime
 Report No. 16-2264
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 3/24/2016  Michael 
 Romeoville, IL  Crime Report No.
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 3/24/2016  Rosemarie
 Bensenville, IL  Non-Crime/Other
 Report No. 16-2389
 3/24/2016  Mariusz
 Lake In The
 Hills, IL
 Call for Service
 Report No. 16-1253
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 3/24/2016  Matthew 
 Bensenville, IL  Crime Report No.
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 3/24/2016  Debra Luby  Bensenville, IL  Crime Report No.
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 3/25/2016  Lydia 
 Chicago, IL  Stray Animal 
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 3/25/2016  Linda Markic  Bensenville, IL  All Information
 Pertaining to 485
 Podlin Drive
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 3/25/2016  Yong Kang  Naperville, IL  Follow-Up Report
 No. 15-9103.2
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 3/29/2016  Alicja Sroka  Park Ridge, IL  1013 Glendale Street:
 Water Bill & Violations
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 3/29/2016  Edith 
 Chicago, IL  All Records Pertaining 
 To 7900 Elmhurst Rd.
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 3/30/2016  Mark Keane  Bensenville, IL  Susan Janowiak's 
 Resignation Letter as
 Village Trustee
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 3/31/2016  Roger Heaps  Vienna, IL  All Police Reports for
 Roger Heaps
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 3/31/2016  Alexander 
 Bensenville, IL  Call for Service
 Report No. 16-2795
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 3/31/2016  Susan Silva  Bensenville, IL  All Police Reports for
 Susan Silva and Carlos
 Valdez and Call for 
 Service Report No.
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 3/31/2016  William 
 Roselle, IL  Call for Service 
 Report No. 16-2294
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 3/31/2016  Evelin Tobar  Bensenville, IL  Crime Report No.
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