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May 2017 Completed FOIA Requests

 5/2/2017  James Brill  N/A  White Pines Water
 System Information
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 5/8/2017  Lynda Miller  Arlington
 Heights, IL
 544 East Pine Ave.
 Permit Information
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 5/8/2017  Johnny
 Oak Brook, IL  New Business 
 Licenses Issued 
 4/1/17 - 4/30/17
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 5/9/2017  Paul
 De Michele
 Bensenville, IL  CDC Case No. 
 2016-09 Minutes,
 Emails and Violations
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 5/9/2017  Marsha Bartel  N/A  Police Reports
 RE: Gina Alberti
 5/10/2017  James Brill  N/A  E-Mail from December
 1, 2015 Between 
 Village of Bensenville 
 and Christopher B.
 Burke Engineering
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 5/11/2017  Shelly 
 Wheaton, IL  Call for Service
 Report No. 17-3641
 5/11/2017  Hakim
 Bensenville, IL  Crime Report
 No. 17-4426
 5/12/2017  Antonio 
 Elmhurst, IL  Abandoned Properties
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 5/12/2017  Thomas 
 Fox Lake, IL  Permits Issued 4/1/17
 - 5/12/17 for
 Construction Value
 Greater Than $400K
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 5/12/2017  Anthony
 Bensenville, IL  Current Businesses  Complete  View
 5/12/2017  Nick Cerrone  Chicago, IL  Properties Required 
 to Have a Fire Alarm
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 5/12/2017  Carlos 
 Bensenville, IL  Crime Report
 No. 17-2235
 5/18/2017  Mariam Smith  Countyside, IL  Certified Payroll from
 Martam Construction 
 for Pump House &
 Site Improvements
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 5/18/2017  Anna Polek  Bensenville, IL  442 Park Street
 Permits and Violations
 Within the Last
 Fifteen Years
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 5/19/2017  Julie Wylie  Southeastern,
 Crime Report 
 No. 17-3478
 5/19/2017  Timothy
 Bensenville, IL  All Police Reports RE:
 Andre Blackwell &
 Kathleen Maly
 5/19/2017  Olha Fmal  Bensenville, IL  Call for Service 
 Report No. 17-4773
 5/19/2017  Dave Moffis  Fairview 
 Heights, IL
 Red Light Camera
 Video for Police 
 Report No. 17-4303
 5/19/2017  Samantha 
 Joliet, IL  222 E. Crest Ave.
 Violations & Water Bill
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 5/19/2017  Zenaida
 Bensenville, IL  Video for Police
 Report No. 17-4702
 5/19/2017  Silvia
 Chicago, IL  Arrest Report
 No. 15-9422
 5/19/2017  Courtney 
 Bensenville, IL  Non Crime/Other
 Report No. 17-4577
 5/22/2017  Sergio Mayen  Bensenville, IL  Arrest Report No.
 5/22/2017  Dan Sweatt  Cincinnati, OH  Permits Issued Since
 January 1, 2017
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 5/22/2017  Stephen Bolk  Wood Dale, IL  610 Diana Ct. Roof
 Permit & Contract
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 5/23/2017  Richard
 Bensenville, IL  All Police Reports RE:
 406 S. Mason St. From
 1/1/2014 - Present
 5/23/2017  Steve
 Schaumburg, IL  Non Crime/Other
 Report No. 17-4725
 5/23/2017  Dennis
 Addison, IL  Copy of DVD for
 Police Report 
 No. 17-4063
 5/24/2017  Cruz 
 Bensenville, IL  Non Crime/Other
 Report No. 17-4901
 5/24/2017  Dolly Lucero  Phoenix, AZ  Case No. 1992CF1383  Complete  
 5/24/2017  Sonja Jacobson  Bensenville, IL  Call for Service
 Report No. 17-5025
 5/24/2017  Don Spagnolo  Hoffman
 Estates, IL
 Police Report
 No. 16-6319
 5/25/2017  Alex Billet  Chicago, IL  605 W. Wood St.
 Water Bill
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 5/25/2017  Jeffrey Kroll  Chicago, IL  DuCart Report for
 Police Report No.
 5/25/2017  Thomas
 Chicago, IL  511 E. Pine Ave
 Water Bill
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 5/26/2017  William
 Bensenville, IL  406 S. Mason St.
 Water Bills from 
 January 2014 - 
 May 2017
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 5/26/2017  Gloria Vargas  Bensenville, IL  All Police Reports
 RE: Gloria Vargas
 5/31/2017  Michael Lingl  Countryside, IL  Insituform Technologies
 2016 Sanitary Sewer
 Lining Project Certified
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 5/31/2017  Jennifer
 LaGrange, IL  Call for Service
 Report No. 17-4847
 5/31/2017  Mohammed
 Prospect, IL
 911 Audio for
 Police Report 
 No. 17-3094
 5/31/2017  Johnny
 Oak Brook, IL  New Business Licenses
 Issued from May 1, 2017
 - May 31, 2017
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