May 2020 Completed FOIA Requests

5/4/2020 Eric Hobbs Southeastern, PA Incident Report No. 20-0208 Complete  
5/4/2020 Eric Hobbs Southeastern, PA Supplement Report No. 20-0296 Complete  
5/5/2020 Ronald Ipema Orland Park, IL New Business Licenses Issued Since 1/1/2020 Complete View
5/5/2020 Rick Polster N/A Currant Copier/Printer Agreement Complete View
5/5/2020 Matthew Gugala Carol Stream, IL Commercial Permits Issued Since 3/4/2020 Complete View
5/8/2020 Rafael Castro Rolling Meadows, IL Arrest Report No. 19-0179 Complete  
5/8/2020 Tracy Smith  Franklin Park, IL Incident Report No. 20-0334; Incident Report
No. 20-0336; Incident Report No. 20-0337
5/8/2020 Elzbieta Meyer Bensenville, IL Permit No. 7402 Complete View
5/11/2020 Courtney Woods Moon, PA 305 West Green Street Water Bill Complete View
5/11/2020 Elizabeth LaRose Countryside, IL Business License Application for ARP Asphalt
Construction Company and APC Asphalt
Paving Co. Since 2017
Complete View
5/13/2020 Eric Hobbs Southeastern, PA Call for Service Report No. 20-4040 Complete  
5/13/2020 Grezegorz
Bensenville, IL Call for Service Report No. 20-4384 Complete  
5/13/2020 Kurt Helmbacher Hines, IL Incident Report No. 20-0358 Complete  
5/15/2020 Doris Walker Ingleside, IL Robert Bolden Arrest Report Complete  
5/15/2020 Thomas Peters Fox Lake, IL Construction Permits Issued Since 3/1/2020 With
Construction Value of $400K or Greater
Complete View
5/15/2020 Kyahra Feliciano-
Bensenville, IL Incident Report No. 19-8455 Complete  
5/18/2020 America Diaz Bensenville, IL Call for Service Report No. 20-2553 Complete  
5/18/2020 Aaron H. Reinke Elgin, IL 1090 Industrial Drive Code Enforcement Records
for the Previous Five Years
Complete View
5/18/2020 Caitlin Adler Los Angeles, CA Tyler Technologies E-Mails, Purchase Orders, 
Invoices and Agreements Since January 1, 2018
Complete View
5/19/2020 Rigoberto Marin Bensenville, IL Incident Report No. 20-0335 Complete  
5/19/2020 Mohammed Ahmed Bensenville, IL Call for Service Report No. 20-0384 Complete  
5/19/2020 Yasmi Campos-
Syosset, NY Incident Report No. 20-0002 Complete  
5/21/2020 Patricia Williams Bensenville, IL Police Report No. 20-0375 Complete  
5/21/2020 Two Chef's  Bensenville, IL List of Bensenville Businesses  Complete View
5/22/2020 Bright Sky Group
of Services
Bensenville, IL Incident Report No. 20-0379 Complete  
5/22/2020 Kim Schoppe Bensenville, IL Incident Report No. 20-0275 Complete  
5/26/2020 Paul De Michele Bensenville, IL March 10, 2020 Village Board Agenda Item #VIII and 
IRMF / Health Insurance for E. Summers, J. Caracci,
S. Viger and M. Ribando for 1/1/19 - 12/31/19
Complete View
5/26/2020 Gina Mellenthin Bensenville, IL IEPA Loan Information for White Pines Watermain
Replacement Project 
Complete View
5/29/2020 Michael Kelly Chicago, IL 480-500 West Irving Park Road Paving Permits
Since 2018
Complete View
5/29/2020 Isaac C. Franco Palos Heights, IL 903 South York Road Permits Since 2017 Complete View
5/29/2020 Melissa Gonzalez Bensenville, IL 428 West Green Street Inspections and Permits 
Since 2012
Complete View