COVID-19 Guidance for Businesses and Employers

The Village of Bensenville is closely monitoring the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak and its impact on our business community. The following resources and guidance are intended to assist businesses and employers as they plan for recovery and reopening.

Governor Begins Phase 4 of Restore Illinois Plan

The Village of Bensenville has moved from Phase 3 to Phase 4 of the State’s 5-Phase "Restore Illinois" Plan, along with certain modifications. Read the full Phase 4 guidelines for reopening businesses and returning people to work safely.

Phase 4 guidelines include five new industry categories and updated recommendations for the existing categories from Phase 3. Each set of guidelines includes a common set of guidelines that are expected and encouraged among all employers and activity types, as well as workplace and program-specific guidelines. See an overview of the Phase 4 changes here.

  • Manufacturing: All manufacturing open with IDPH approved safety guidance
  • Non-essential” businesses: All employees return to work with IDPH approved safety guidance; Employers are encouraged to provide accommodations for COVID-19-vulnerable employees
  • Bars and restaurants: Open with capacity limits and IDPH approved safety guidance
  • Personal care services and health clubs: All barbershops, salons, spas and health and fitness clubs open with capacity limits and IDPH approved safety guidance
  • Entertainment: Cinema and theaters open with capacity limits and IDPH approved safety guidance
  • Retail: Open with capacity limits and IDPH approved safety guidance
  • Please review the industry specific guidelines released by the State of Illinois for more information regarding criteria for reopening, such as social distancing and maximum capacity measures for staffing and visitors, as they pertain to your type of business.

Workplace Health and Safety Guidance for Employers and Staff of Business

All businesses and employees should be implementing the policies and guidance listed below to prevent workplace exposures to COVID-19.

Businesses must comply, to the greatest extent feasible, with social distancing requirements. This means you should:

  • Ensure at least 6 feet of physical separation is maintained between employees, customers, and worksite visitors.
  • Mark with signage or tape 6-foot spacing for employees and customers to maintain appropriate distance from one another.
  • Provide face coverings to employees, especially when it is not possible to maintain at least 6 feet of space between them and another person. Educate employees about how they can safely remove and dispose of PPE. For further guidance concerning the use of face-coverings, please visit the State’s FAQ for businesses here.
  • Provide handwashing stations with soap, clean water, and single use paper towels and encourage frequent handwashing for 20 seconds or longer.
  • Provide hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol) & sanitizing products for employees and customers.
  • Perform routine environmental cleaning and disinfection of all frequently touched surfaces.

For more information on how businesses can plan and prepare for a COVID-19 outbreak, please use the below the resources:

Impact Relief for Businesses

All types of businesses have been impacted by State Executive orders, and there are a variety of resources designed to help assist. For additional information, please contact our Community and Economic Development Department at (630) 350-3413 or visit the Business COVID-19 Impact Relief page.

Do you believe a business is not allowing for safe social distancing or that it is not maintaining a safe sanitary work environment to minimize the risk of spread of COVID-19? Contact the Workplace Rights Bureau of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office at 844-740-5076 or