Temporary Outdoor Dining Areas

May 28, 2020- Village President DeSimone signed Executive Order 2020-04. This order permits outdoor dining in accordance with Governor Pritzker’s Phase 3 Reopening which is set to go into effect tomorrow. Restaurants will be required to submit an application prior to commencing out door dining.

These temporary rules waive many of the standard rules and regulations of the Village Code. Our goal is to make this as painless as possible. Things that need inspection (such as tents) will be allowed to proceed and inspected as quickly as allowed.

Most applications will simply need to sign all the attached forms and agreements, while providing us with a plan on how you are going to use the outdoor space. The plan doesn’t have to be professionally done. Make a rough drawing and take a picture with your phone if needed. Include measurements where possible.

Some key things to keep in mind. The State guidelines still come in to play. Social distancing is required. Seating (not tables) must be at minimum 6 feet apart. If you have a current liquor license, you may be eligible to serve in these outdoor areas. A barrier is required around any area alcohol is served. We will allow a variety of barrier types, as approved by the Village Manager.

October 11, 2020- The Village has come up with a Temporary Outdoor Enclosure Application for those seeking to continue outdoor dining into the cold weather months. The purpose of this additional application is so the Village can inspect all enclosed structures, such as tents, for safety. The following application also covers safety measures and restrictions for outdoor heating. All enclosed structures require a permit. There will be no fee for obtaining the permit.