2020 Pavement Rejuvenation

The pavement rejuvenation process is applied to asphalt that is 1 or 2 years old in order to extend it’s life. Rejuvenating agents known as “CRF” and “Reclamite” are applied to the surface of previously resurfaced or reconstructed asphalt pavements. CRF is a mixture of liquid rejuvenating agents and fine aggregate that is applied to older and/or more porous pavement surfaces. Reclamite is a liquid that is applied to the newer and/or less porous pavement surfaces.

These rejuvenating agents help seal the small cracks in the pavement. They also help revitalize the asphalt by replacing some of the liquid ingredients that have evaporated. The CRF treatment also replaces some of the very fine aggregate materials that have been lost due to traffic and weathering. It is the loss of the liquids and fines in the asphalt that causes the pavement surface to fade and become more brittle. Many of the Village’s streets that initially received Reclamite held up well enough for a second and third Reclamite application or for a CRF application. The contractor expects to perform work the week of October 5, 2020.

2020 Pavement Rejuvenation Map

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