2021 Residential Street Lighting Program

The Village of Bensenville (Village) conducted a community wide survey back in 2013. The results of the survey indicated an overwhelming desire for the Residential Street Lighting. The Village has successfully performed residential streetlight project over the last 5 years. These projects were well received by the residents in the area. This year, the Village will be extending similar improvements in your neighborhood.  The Village applied for and received funding for this project through the DuPage County Community development Block Grant Program. 

As part of this project, the Village will install approximately one hundred and twenty five (125) decorative LED street lights within the project area. The fixtures will be placed approximately 150-200 feet apart and would be on alternate sides of the roadways, where possible. The poles will be 12.5 feet tall with a 32-inch tall lighting fixture at the top. The purpose of the streetlights is to provide just enough lighting along the street to enhance safety of the pedestrians and motorists. Read Full Information Letter No. 1

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