Building Permits

Permits are required for a number of projects or situations including the following:

 Residential    Non-Residential
 New Construction    New Construction
 Additions and Remodels    Additions and Remodels
 Driveways, Patios, and Decks    Parking Lot and Curb Replacements
 Water Heater Replacement    All Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electric Work
 Furnace and A/C replacement    Accessory Structures
 Sheds and Detached Garages    Fire Sprinkler Installations/ Modifications
 Roof, Gutters, and Siding    Demolition
 Sanitary Sewer Replacement    Sign Installations
 Demolition    Warehouse Racking
 Chicken Coop Installations    
 Window Replacements*    

*no permit required, however owner must provide efficiency rating of windows to be installed to ensure compliance with 2015 Illinois Energy Conservation Code.

Each permit application is reviewed by our Village Plan Reviewer and checked for compliance with the Village’s Building Codes and Zoning Ordinances as follows:

  • 2015 International Residential Code with local amendments
  • 2015 International Building Code with local amendments
  • 2015 International Fire Code with local amendments
  • 2015 International Mechanical Code with local amendments
  • 2015 International Fuel Gas Code with local amendments
  • 2015 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code with local amendments
  • 2015 International Property Maintenance Code with local Amendments
  • 2014 National Electric Code with local amendments
  • 2014 Illinois Plumbing Code
  • 2015 Illinois Energy Conservation Code

Generally, less complicated projects can be reviewed and approved within a few days, if not issued immediately. Projects of significant scope will be reviewed in 12 days or less.

Once a permit is approved by the Plan Reviewer, fees paid, and permit picked up, the construction can be begin and be inspected by the Village. All building inspections associated with a particular permit are scheduled through Community & Economic Development and ensure the construction is completed according to the Village Code.

To schedule an inspection, contact Community & Economic Development at 630.350.3413. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours notice when scheduling inspections.
Local amendments to the Village adopted Building Codes and Fee Schedules can be found here: Village Code