In May of 2021, Bensenville was selected as one of five municipalities in the 2021 Cohort in the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus’ “Aging in a Changing Region” program. With support from the RRF Foundation for Aging, the Village hosted two facilitated workshops led by Chicago-based aging-in-community specialist Brad Winick of consulting firm Planning/Aging. The input received throughout this program will be incorporated into an Aging-in-Community framework with recommendations intended to augment the Village’s Comprehensive Plan. 

Workshop 1: Stakeholders

Representatives from various stakeholder organizations were invited to participate in a facilitated discussion on October 27, 2021. Workshop goals: explain what aging-in-community means, stakeholder roles in assisting older adults, and how all entities can work together to make sure Bensenville provides the best resources possible to our residents. This discussion was held in preparation for the consequent workshop designed for the public. 

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Workshop 2: Public

On November 3, 2021, residents of all ages were invited to attend a workshop and provide crucial input and feedback regarding aging in Bensenville, and have a conversation with Village Staff, taxing bodies, community organizations, and other residents. 

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What is Aging-in-Community?

  • “Aging-in-Community” is a general term for an evolving set of municipal commitments, strategies, programs, plans, and projects all intended to support older adults aging within the community. 
  • A community’s “Age-friendliness” can also be thought of as how well it supports “Aging-in-Community” – the two phrases are compatible.

Aging-in-Community is an Important Part of Being a Livable Community for All Ages

  • How a community helps older adults (OAs) meet their basic needs goes a long way to answering how well it supports Aging-in-Community. 
  • How well a community helps all residents meet their basic needs goes a long way to determining its overall quality-of-life (or livability).
  • Therefore, how well a community supports Aging-in-Community should be viewed as a key component of its overall quality-of-life.