2022 Residential Street Resurfacing Project


This year’s Street Rehabilitation Program consists of resurfacing 1.31 miles of streets, pavement patching, rehabilitation of deteriorated curb and sidewalk, and improvements to ADA curb ramps.  The construction activities are generally broken down into three phases:

  • Storm Sewer Repairs – Necessary repairs and/or modifications are made to the drainage structures along roadways.
  • Concrete Repairs – Replacement of deteriorated curbs and sidewalks throughout the project area takes place. This work is generally limited to one side of the street at a time to allow parking for residents while access to their property might be limited.
  • Pavement Repairs – The final phase includes milling of the existing pavement surface, pavement patching of the remaining asphalt as needed, placement of a new pavement surface layer, and then final pavement markings are placed.  Prior to paving, a tack-coat of fresh oil is applied as an adhesive or bonding between the asphalt layers. Fresh oil signage will be posted in advance to remind motorist to travel slowly on the tack-coat material.  

During construction, traffic will be maintained with daily lane closures and flaggers.  The project is expected to be substantially completed by Mid-August 2022 with final completion and landscape restoration completed in by September 30, 2022.  

Project Details

Contract Bid Date: March 1, 2022, 11:00 A.M
Contract Award Date: March 22, 2022
Project Cost: $815,000.00
Awarded Contractor: Builders Paving, LLC
Construction Start Date: June 2022
Construction Completion Date: September 30, 2022
Funding Sources: Capital Improvements Fund

Project Contact Information

Village of Bensenville Resident Engineer
Jeffrey Maczko, P.E. Eddie Saengvilay
Village Engineer BLA, Incorporated
Email: jmaczko@bensenville.il.us Email: esaengvilay@bla-inc.com
Phone: 630-594-1196 Phone: 630-878-7907

Project Documents

Name Link to Document
Information Letter #1 (05.25.2022) View
Notice to Bidders View
As-Read Bid Opening Results (03.01.2022) View

Project Updates

Builders Paving has completed the roadway work on this year’s program. Minor landscaping repairs and punch list work remain, and this will be completed over the next couple of weeks. The Village would like to thank the residents on this year’s program for their patience and cooperation during the construction.   

This week, Builders Paving completed placement of the new roadway surface pavement.  All streets within this year’s program have now been resurfaced.  Remaining work items include placement of sod, installation of pavement markings, general clean up, and punch list items.  The Contractor is looking to schedule this work as soon as possible, and it is anticipated that the project will be wrapped up by the end of the month.

This week, Builders Paving adjusted manholes in the pavement and performed topsoil installation on all the streets in this year’s project. Next week, the contractor will be performing patching on needed areas of the existing roadway asphalt. They will also placing sod on the prepared areas of restoration. Surface paving is expected to begin on Friday September 16 as this is a non-attendance day for Johnson and Tioga Schools. Paving will carry over into the following week.

This week, Builders Paving milled the existing pavement on the project in preparation for pavement patching and resurfacing. Next week, the contractor will be performing patching on needed areas of the existing roadway asphalt. They will also be adjusting manholes in the pavement to final grade. The landscape subcontractor is also scheduled to begin restoration now that we are into September and the weather is more favorable for this work.  Surface paving is expected the week of September 12, subject to material availability, labor availability, and weather. 

All concrete work on the project has been completed, and all residents can return to their driveways if they have not done so. Builders Paving is working to schedule their crews for the asphalt work of this project, however hot-mix asphalt production and trucking availability are still not back to “normal” after the strike earlier this Summer. Builders is hopeful that they can start the pavement work in the upcoming week, and the first step will be surface milling of the existing roadway. After 2” of the existing pavement is removed, the remaining pavement will be patched as needed prior to the new asphalt surface being placed. This project is expected to be completed by the end of September.

This week DiNatalie Construction, subcontractor to Builders Paving, completed most of the curb and sidewalk removal and replacements on Memorial Road, Hawthorne  Lane, Donna Lane, and Ridgewood Lane.  Access to driveways affected by concrete work will be restored as concrete strength is achieved from the work this past week.   Storm structure adjustments began at the end of this week and will continue next week. 

On Tuesday this past week, resolution was reached between the Chicago Area Aggregate Producers and IUOE Local 150. This strike has slowed progress on this project considerable due to the availability of stone required for asphalt and concrete.  The strike began back on June 7 and lasted 49 days.   Quarries in the area are diligently working on producing virgin stone from the ground.  Asphalt and concrete producers estimate a few weeks of time will be needed to get the stockpiles replenished all over the Chicagoland area.

On Friday, DiNatalie Construction, subcontractor to Builders Paving, began concrete work with the removal of curbs and sidewalks.  Work has begun near York Road on Memorial Road, and the contractor is working west.   Residents that have driveway access affected by concrete work will receive a door hanger the day prior.   Access to driveways affected by concrete work should be limited to 7 days, weather permitting.  Concrete removals will continue next week, as will framing and pour of replacement curbs and sidewalks.  The goal is to complete concrete work by mid-August prior to students retuning for school.   

The material producers strike has severely impacted the 2022 Residential Resurfacing Project.  Due to the proximity to both Tioga and Johnson Schools, Staff had worked to schedule these improvements over the summer months with the plan of being completed before students and staff return in mid-August.   While no work has been completed as of yet, the Contractor, Builders Paving is looking to begin work next week.   Staff is pushing the Contractor to complete the required concrete work prior to school starting on August 17, and that should hopefully be attainable with a start next week.  DiNatalie Construction, subcontractor to Builders Paving, will begin with the replacement of deteriorated curbs and sidewalks on Monday July 25.  The goal will be to complete concrete work by mid-August and then complete the resurfacing portion of the work after school resumes.  

07.15.2022 - Material Supplier Strike: Update Week 6
We are currently midway through the 6th week of the Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers strike against the Chicago Area Aggregate Producers. Talks seem to have slowed and there is still no resolution.  The 2022 Residential Resurfacing project scheduled to begin in early June continues to remain on hold due to  concrete and stone not being readily available.  On our other active projects, the Eastern Avenue Reconstruction Project and the Addison Creek Storm Sewer Project, material availability changes day-to-day.   Village Staff continues to work with the Contractors on these projects to ensure progress can continue as much as possible.      

The Strike of the Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers strike against the Chicago Area Aggregate Producers continues. The 2022 Residential Resurfacing project scheduled to begin in June continues to remain on hold due to   concrete and stone not being readily available.    

Work on the project is expected to begin the week of June 20th. However, on Tuesday June 7, IUOE Local 150 went on strike against 3 companies that own and operate quarries in Northern Illinois that produce gravel, sand, and crushed stone. These materials are required for construction; they are used as backfill, and to make concrete and asphalt. With this time of year being peak construction season and the unknown of how long the strike will last, there has not been any indication of how severe an impact the strike will have on construction projects.

The Village is closely monitoring the situation and working with its contractors to minimize the impact on current projects. The contractor for the project is not able to begin work until we are certain materials will be available to complete the project. The Village will do its best to keep residents informed on the progress of work and updates on the strike as it relates to the construction of projects. Thank you for your patience and understanding of any inconveniences during construction, especially now with the added uncertainty of project start and completion.