2023 Residential Street Resurfacing Project


This year’s Street Rehabilitation Program consists of resurfacing 1.32 miles of streets, pavement patching, rehabilitation of deteriorated curb and sidewalk, and improvements to ADA curb ramps.  The construction activities are generally broken down into three phases:

  • Storm Sewer Repairs – Necessary repairs and/or modifications are made to the drainage structures along roadways.
  • Concrete Repairs – Replacement of deteriorated curbs and sidewalks throughout the project area takes place. This work is generally limited to one side of the street at a time to allow parking for residents while access to their property might be limited.
  • Pavement Repairs – The final phase includes milling of the existing pavement surface, pavement patching of the remaining asphalt as needed, placement of a new pavement surface layer, and then final pavement markings are placed.  Prior to paving, a tack-coat of fresh oil is applied as an adhesive or bonding between the asphalt layers. Fresh oil signage will be posted in advance to remind motorist to travel slowly on the tack-coat material.  

During construction, traffic will be maintained with daily lane closures and flaggers.  The project is expected to be substantially completed by Mid - June 2023 with final completion and landscape restoration completed in by September 22, 2023.  

Project Details

Contract Bid Date: March 7, 2023, 11:00 A.M
Contract Award Date: March 28, 2023
Project Cost: $1,260,999
Awarded Contractor: Builders Paving, LLC
Construction Start Date: April 14, 2023
Construction Completion Date: September 22, 2023
Funding Sources: Motor Fuel Tax Fund

Project Contact Information

Village of Bensenville Resident Engineer
Brad Hargett, P.E. Tom Gromada
Assistant Village Engineer Hancock Engineering
Email: bhargett@bensenville.il.us Email: tgromada@ehancock.com
Phone: 630-350-3411 Phone: 773-498-6797

Project Documents

Name Link to Document
Project Information Letter 04/07/2023 View
2023 Residential Street Improvements - As Read Bid Results View
Notice to Bidders View

Project Updates

Update 6/23/2023
This week, Builders paving installed aggregate shoulders along Washington Street from Church Road to Minor Street. Pavement markings were also placed throughout the project. As of the end of this week the project is substantially complete. The remaining items left on the project include replacement of roadway signage, touch up landscape restoration, and miscellaneous punch list items.    

Update 6/09/2023
Builders Paving completed paving asphalt driveways impacted by the project the past week. Paving of the asphalt surface along all streets will be performed and completed next week.    

Update 6/02/2023
Builders Paving completed paving the initial lift of asphalt along Washington Street this week. Asphalt driveways impacted by the project will be removed and replaced next week. Tentatively, paving of the asphalt surface will commence the end of next week.

Update 5/26/2023
Builders Paving completed full depth removal of the existing pavement along Washington Street this week. All surface scarification and roadway pavement removals have been completed for this project. The contractor’s resurfacing operation next week includes paving the asphalt binder course along Washington Street and removal/replacement of impacted asphalt driveways throughout all streets.

Update 5/19/2023
Builders Paving started and completed grinding of the existing asphalt surface in the Diana Court Area and John Street. They anticipate performing surface scarification along Washington Street between Church Road and Miner Street new week. In addition, full depth pavement removal along Washington Street between Miner Street and York Road will be completed next week. Driveways and side street access will be maintained by provided aggregate ramps. Landscape restoration continued this week along all the streets.  

Update 5/12/2023
Nardulli Construction has completed all concrete work for the project.  Landscape restoration continues throughout all streets. Installation of sod is anticipated to be performed next week.  Resurfacing operations will commence next week with Builders Paving grinding the existing surface in the Diana Court Area. 

Update 5/05/2023
Nardulli Construction continued with concrete removal and replacements this week along John Street and Washington Street.  Concrete work in the Diana Court area was completed this week and should be completed on John Steet and Washington Street early next week.  Landscape restoration has started in the Diana Court area with topsoil, and .  Tentatively asphalt resurfacing operation is anticipated to commence mid next week.

Update 4/28/2023
Nardulli Construction is continuing with concrete removal and replacements this week. Concrete work in the Diana Court area should be finished this week, and work has shifted over to John Street and Washington Street. Weather permitting, all concrete work is scheduled to be completed by the end of next week. Tentatively, Builders Paving is anticipated to begin asphalt milling and pavement patching operations the week of May 8th.

Update 4/21/2023
Construction has started with concrete removals and replacement in the Diana Court area.  Concrete work in this area should be completed next week with work progressing towards John Street, then over to Washington Street.

Update 4/13/2023
Preconstruction work has begun on the project, starting in the Diana Court area. Traffic control signing, JULIE locates, and concrete saw cutting has been taking place for a few days. Nardulli Construction, subcontractor to Builders Paving, will begin concrete removals on Friday April 14. Residents who will have their driveway access impacted by the concrete work will receive a notice at their front doors letting them know of the date and time to have all vehicles out of the driveway. Parking of vehicles on the street overnight will be allowed for those residents whose access is temporarily restricted during concrete work. This parking has been coordinated with the Police Department. Concrete work will take a few weeks to complete, and work will progress from the Diana Court area north towards John Street, then over to Washington Street.