Bensenville’s Wastewater Treatment Plant operates under a permit issued by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. The treatment of municipal wastewater is regulated by the Clean Water Act and the provisions of the National Pretreatment Program. 

What is Industrial Pretreatment?

The National Pretreatment Program provides requirements for businesses to ensure that the goals of the Clean Water Act under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) are attained. Bensenville’s industrial pretreatment program was approved by the USEPA in 1985. 

Most wastewater treatment plants are designed to treat sanitary (domestic) waste from households, but not treat toxic pollutants from industrial and commercial businesses. These pollutants can cause serious problems at wastewater treatment plants. The pretreatment program is important to prevent harm to workers, the public, and the environment. Reducing pollutants discharged to the treatment plant will ensure that businesses that are vital to the economic well-being of Bensenville are compatible with a healthy environment. 

Who is included in the Industrial Pretreatment Program?

Non-residential users (industrial and commercial businesses) in the Bensenville sanitary service area may be included in the Industrial Pretreatment Program. The sanitary service area includes Bensenville residents, parts of unincorporated Bensenville, and part of the industrial area of Elk Grove Village. 

Bensenville enforces a variety of wastewater discharge limits and levels, some having specific numerical limits based on the classification defined by the National Pretreatment Program and others derived locally based on the treatment available at Bensenville’s wastewater treatment plant. Industrial and commercial businesses may be subject to surcharge for high strength sewage and sampling and analysis charges. Businesses included in the program are issued a wastewater discharge permit with discharge limits based on their business type and wastewater discharge. 

How do I know if my business will be included in the pretreatment program?

Industrial Users are regulated by their Federal Categorical Pretreatment standards and by Bensenville’s Sewers and Wastewater Treatment Ordinance. To determine what Categorical Pretreatment Regulations or Surcharge limits might apply to your business, contact the Pretreatment Coordinator in the Public Works Department at 630-350-3435. 

What is a Wastewater User Survey?

The Wastewater User Survey is a requirement of Bensenville’s industrial pretreatment program through USEPA. Collecting information on businesses and the wastewater discharged from their facilities helps Bensenville to include applicable businesses in the program and better protect the environment. This survey is mandated by USEPA Federal Regulation 40 CFR 403.8 (f)(2(i). 

If you have received a Wastewater User Survey, your business is within a commercial or industrial zoned area that discharges to Bensenville’s wastewater treatment plant. The list was developed based on water usage records, manufacturing and service directories, and business license documentation. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey at using the User ID provided in the letter. 

Questions regarding the survey should be directed to the Pretreatment Coordinator at 630-350-3435. All recipients of this letter who do not return the survey by the deadline will be subject to an unscheduled on-site interview or inspection to obtain the survey information, per Village Ordinance Section 8-6-4-1.