Common Inspection Items

Always Check with the Village to inquire about whether or not your project requires a permit. Common things Inspectors look for during an inspection include:


  • Overgrown weeds need to be removed or cut, maintain under 8 inches.
  • Parking on unapproved surfaces not allowed, must be asphalt, concrete or pavers.
  • Driveway crumbling or cracking, water has penetrated the sub-base and needs repair or replacement. Parking lots should be kept in good condition, excessive cracks or striping that is extremely faded will need to be repaired or replaced. (permit required)
  • Stairs need handrails installed if there is 4 or more stairs. Maintain between 34-38 inches.
  • Exterior lighting needs to be weather tight.
  • Exterior surfaces that have peeling paint need to be scraped or stripped and re painted.
  • The letters FACP needs to be labeled on the exterior side of the door closest to the Fire alarm control panel. Also on any interior doors in the path of travel to the Alarm.
  • Provide correct keys for the fire dept. to be installed inside the key box outside of the building.


  • Receptacles that are painted need to be cleaned or replaced. Any new receptacle needs to be tamper resistant.
  • Plugs need to be installed on any junction boxes that are missing knock outs.
  • GFCI receptacles need to be installed anywhere that is within six feet of water such as sinks, also required on any exterior plugs and garages
  • BX is not allowed in the village and must be changed to hard pipe, Romex going into a panel needs to be changed to hard pipe.
  • Abandoned electric and piping needs to be removed.
  • Two prong receptacles need to be changed to three prong grounded receptacles.
  • The water meter needs a jumper wire from one side of the meter to the other, the water heater needs to be bonded. 
  • Breaker locks are needed in the electrical panel on the breakers for the fire alarm and the emergency lights to prevent anyone from turning them off. 
  • Fire alarm needs to have an annual inspection and results displayed. 
  • Fire extinguishers need to be inspected annually and display the inspection tag.
  • All electrical panels should be labeled so you know what each breaker controls.
  • Extension cords shall not be used anywhere except for temporary use for hand tools.
  • Maintain 36 inches of clearance around electrical panels and appliances.
  • All exit lights need to be lit at all times, exit lights and emergency back-up lights shall be solid metal and glass with a 2 hour battery backup.
  • All emergency lighting must be operational at all times.


  • All appliances with a gas line need to have an accessible sediment trap.
  • Flexible drainpipe on sinks need to be solid pipe.
  • Gas pipe Unions must be on the exterior of the cabinet of furnaces.


  • Plastic gas cans are not allowed within any building except residential garages, flammable liquids must be stored in metal, self- closing safety cans.
  • Sprinkler system requires annual testing and results should be displayed.
  • Maintain clear exits, do not block doors or any path of egress.
  • Rolling fire doors require annual testing and results should be displayed.
  • Hood suppression systems need bi annual inspections and should display the results.
  • Pallet storage needs to be kept under 6 feet in height.
Water Heater Bonding
Water Meter Bonding
Sign for room containing fire alarm panel, pump room
Common Breaker Lock
Breaker lock
Deck Railing Code Requirements