This division is responsible for repair and minor reconstruction of all Village streets, sidewalks, alleys, curbs, Village-owned parking lots, and storm sewer structures. In addition they install and maintain streetlights and perform street sweeping in residential, commercial, industrial areas.

To Place a Dumpster within the Village Right-of-Way (ROW) please submit a Dumpster Request Form.

Streetlights are maintained both by ComEd and the Village. The Village maintains lights on metal or concrete poles; ComEd maintains lights on wooden poles.

Traffic Control and Snow & Ice Control are two subdivisions in the Streets Division.

Traffic Control maintains street signs, traffic signals and pavement markers.

Snow & Ice Control provides fast and effective response to winter weather. This is accomplished through snow removal from Village roads and selected sidewalks as well as salting to minimize icing. These efforts ensure safe travel throughout the Village.

Snow & Ice Removal