Publicity Request Information

Electronic Messaging Sign

Rules/Guidelines for use of Bensenville’s Electronic Message Center on York Road near Grand Ave
  • All messages should be submitted by the 5th day of the month.
  • The message will stay active for the current month submitted and must be resubmitted in order to run another month.
  • After an event takes place, the message will be taken down.
  • The Village reserves the right to edit messages for brevity, uniformity, and appropriateness.
  • Displays will be approved according to the following priorities, in order:
    • Administrative information of concern to all residents. – Emergency information holds priority.
    • Events open to the entire Village (sponsored by local non-for-profit or governmental organizations) that are located within the Village.
    • General information announcements that are of interest to the entire Village.
    • Events (sponsored by local non-for-profit or governmental organizations) that are of interest to the entire Village.
The Village will be able to promote 2 events per month per taxing body and 1 event per month for non-for-profits and local service organizations unless an exemption is granted by the Village.

For profit businesses are not allowed to advertise on the electronic message center.  Requests can be sent to  Or you can use the form below.

Cable Television Bulletin Board

Bensenville's Cable 24 hour Programming on Comcast Channel 6 and ATT Uverse Channel 99 accepts submissions for its bulletin board (in the absence of regular programming.) Non-profit community groups in Bensenville or those who are directly providing services or programs to Bensenville residents may submit information for consideration on the bulletin board. Submittal of a request does not guarantee a message will be aired. The Village of Bensenville has the right to refuse any given message based on content. Messages may be edited at the discretion of the Communications & Marketing staff, depending on space availability.

At the direction of our Village Attorney we can no longer offer publicity to specific religious organizations, their programs or events due to the laws regarding separation of church and State. Although we can put a link on our website which will direct residents to the website of individual churches in the community.

To submit a message, please fill out the Bensenville Publicity Request Form.