Village President Frank DeSimone

Frank DeSimone was elected Village President in April of 2017. Prior to his election as Village President, Frank served on the Board of Trustees, as a Village Trustee.

Frank and his wife Lisa moved to Bensenville to raise their two children. Frank believes in community involvement. He coaches for the BBAA and helps obtain sponsorships for their athletic programs. He is a detective in a neighboring community and serves as the President of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 170. Frank helps to raise money to purchase toys to be distributed at local hospitals and organizes Santa visits to schools.

Frank has spent his career in law enforcement and is familiar with government operations at all levels. He understands how critical it is to have a good relationship between local government officials, residents and the business community. Frank works to strengthen this relationship and draws upon his years of experience in public service, management and law enforcement to listen to the needs of Bensenville residents.

As Village President, Frank strives for an open budget process, disciplined spending, and the professional management of sound fiscal policies. He is committed to providing and improving services and programs for our seniors, youth and families. Frank is always willing to discuss issues and ideas with all residents and members of the business community to make Bensenville a greater place to live, work, raise a family or retire.