Business Watch Program

The Business Watch Program over 100 businesses in the program. The Business Watch is a program that promotes the communication between the business community and the Bensenville Police Department.

Today, businesses are victims of many different crimes: Burglary, robbery, shoplifting, personal assaults, internal thefts, check forgery, computer fraud, and credit card fraud. Most of the crimes that happen to businesses are considered crimes of opportunity. The Business Watch Program is one of the most innovative programs not easily found in any other municipality because of the level of commitment required by the police department.
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The Village of Bensenville makes this possible and it is free. This program provides the following key benefits:

  • Promote communication and understanding between your business and the Bensenville Police;
  • The Crime Prevention Unit works with businesses to crime-proof their own properties and to watch over neighboring businesses and report suspicious activities to the police;
  • Fast and effective dissemination of information regarding criminal activity in the area by email or phone;
  • Monthly reports based on your location;
  • The Crime Prevention Unit also assists businesses connect with the other adjacent businesses so they can come to them when they need help;
  • Personalized police service to you and your business;
  • Any employee training needed to prevent crime against your business;

The Bensenville Police Department with its Crime Prevention Unit extends a line of communication to the business manager or owner. The goal is to create a safe environment for the business community.

Joining the Business Watch Program is FREE. Contact 630-350-3455 for more information.