“Thank you for your help and going the extra mile for me.  As many cities as I contact, it’s rare to find people who care and are quick to respond – so thanks again.” -- Wayne Hansen, BLU LNG, INC.

“I would like to take this time to thank you and the Village of Bensenville for all of the cooperation you have given during our transition from Texas into the Bensenville community. The proactive and quick assistance and quick responses to all of the challenges that come with beginning a new start up business have helped tremendously. I especially feel that your reaction time responding to all of our challenges became very essential and helpful in making our move more cost efficient on time sensitive projects.” --Bobby Medus, TSC Processing Chicago, INC.

“Looking back on our search for a new community partner and on our move from our Franklin Park facility that had been home for 50+ ears, your Village team helped make our selection and transition so very smooth and transparent to both our ACE Metal Crafts family and to our customers” --Jean Pitzo, ACE Metal Crafts Co.

“When we first came to visit with you back towards the end of 2009, you and your team welcomed our company into the village and made it extremely easy to relocate.  We had similar conversation at the time with neighboring towns/villages and none went as smooth as our conversation with Bensenville. This gave us a high level of confidence that we made the right choice.” --Jeff Gosmire, The PRI Group, LLC

"It's rare to find a municipality that takes the concept of a public private partnership as seriously as the Village of Bensenville. From the planning of the original concept to the completion of the tenant finish out, Bensenville was with us every step of the way. We look forward to working with the Village of Bensenville's development team in the future as we pursue real estate development opportunities."  --Mike Wauterlek, Partner, Hamilton Partners Real Estate