Water Saving Tips

The Village of Bensenville recommends that residents do what they can to help ensure that they are not experiencing any water leaks that can lead to costly water bills.

To ensure that your water bill stays reasonable, the Village recommends that homeowners take the following steps:

  1. Check your meter reading. 

    Write down your meter reading at the end of each month. The reading you take should be higher than the reading listed on your bill. If this is not the case, call us 630-594-1011. 

    If your bill is extremely low, you should also be concerned since it could indicate a remote read issue, which will eventually be resolved and may result in high catch-up bills later. In this cases, contact us to arrange for an appointment to make necessary repairs. 

    You should never allow your bill to estimate for more then 2-3 months. Estimating a bill is not the most reliable way to bill and often results in high catch-up bills once an actual read is obtained. Check the meter “Read Code” on your bill and call 630-594-1011 if your bills are being estimated. Read codes used are listed on your bill. 

    Please see our READING YOUR WATER METER (PDF) file for further details.

  2. Perform a leak test. 

    Take a meter reading (using the inside meter, probably found in your basement) at night before you go to bed, after everyone has used all necessary water. Then read the meter again in the morning, before anyone has used water. If everything is fine, the two numbers should match. If they do not, and the second number is higher, there is a leak somewhere. If this test reveals a leak, contact the Utility Billing Department @ 630-594-1011 to arrange for a leak check appointment. While we are unable to make repairs, in most cases we are able to help you identify the source of the leak (PDF). Remember... if your high water bill is due to a leak in your house, it is not the fault or responsibility of the Village. You are responsible for all water used in your household. 

    Remember that even a small toilet leak or drip in the basement faucet can use up to 1,000 gallons of water a day. This translates into as much as $17.64 per day. Multiply that by 30 days, and you’ve now added $529.20 to your regular water bill. Larger leaks, such as a toilet that runs constantly or an outside hose left running, can yield enormous increases. (As much as 650 gallons of water can flow through a 5/8" garden hose in just one hour!) Most problems can be fixed with an inexpensive part from the hardware store.

    If you do need to schedule a service appointment, call the Utility Billing Department 630-594-1011

    Please see our CHECKING FOR LEAKS file for further details