Ann Franz

Ann Franz was elected in April of 2017, and has been a resident of Bensenville for over fifty years. Ann works in the transportation and logistics industry and has achieved a comprehensive understanding of the business. Ann works under stringent guidelines with the task of communicating directly with different TSA and custom officials to ensure the seamless transitioning of cargo from the station to the ramp operations.

Ann is committed to our community and understands first-hand how the decisions of the Village directly impact the lives of residents. Ann has worked tirelessly to create an open line of communication between aviation committees at O'Hare and the citizens of Bensenville to enhance living conditions. Ann has collected flight data for the Village for several years, which is provided to various agencies (FAA, CDC, TSA, CDA) that oversee ethical flight standards. Noise pollution has always been a concern of the citizens of Bensenville, and Ann continues to play an active role in negotiating to improve conditions for all residents.

Ann is a member of the neighborhood watch program and actively participates in various community events. Ann believes residents must be given an active role in the decision making process to truly secure and improve the future of Bensenville for everyone.