Right of Way (ROW) Permit
The Village of Bensenville requires any private utility company wishing to install, repair, or relocate its facilities such as gas, electric, telecommunications, etc., which requires excavation within the corporate limits of the Village to first obtain a ROW permit. The permit request must be accompanied by a scaled CAD drawing. Any such permit requests are subject to Title 12- Telecommunications of the Village Code.
For questions related to ROW Permits, please contact Engineering Division within Public Works at 630-350-3435.

ROW Permit Application

Stormwater Management Certification (SMC)
Any person proposing a development within limits of Village of Bensenville that includes 5,000 square feet or more of land disturbing activities; adds 2,500 square feet or more of net new impervious area compared to the pre-development conditions; or is located within Flood Plain, Wetlands or Buffers and does not fit all the criteria of a General Certification or Letter of Permission as defined in the DuPage County Stormwater and Floodplain Ordinance (latest edition) is required to obtain a SMC prior to commencement of the development.

Stormwater Management Certification Application