Bensenville Police Department Care Trak Program

The Department has adopted the Care Trak program. Bensenville families with special needs members (Alzheimer’s, Autism, or similar medical conditions) may purchase a bracelet transmitter. If the special needs person becomes lost in Bensenville, members of the Department who are trained to utilize Care Trak equipment can be called upon to attempt to locate the signal from the missing person’s transmitter. The Community Oriented Policing Unit will be responsible for client screening, assigning transmitters, the maintenance of the tracking equipment and the client’s bimonthly battery replacement.

  • The Community Oriented Police Supervisor sets an appointment with the client and responsible family member to discuss of the program; costs, battery replacement, procedure to locate victim, and care of equipment. Families are notified not to allow bracelets to be submerged in water for long periods of time as this could damage transmitter.
  • If the family wishes to proceed with the program, A ‘trial’ bracelet will be attached without the battery and transmitter to determine whether the client will wear the equipment and to determine which equipment (band) will be most effective.
  • If the client responds positively to the equipment, a responsible family member will complete the necessary paperwork (contract, client profile and questionnaire) and a photo will be taken of the client which will be attached to the questionnaire. Once all information is completed, the client is assigned a transmitter.
  • Community Oriented Police Unit will complete a binder with client information; contract, questionnaire, photo, profile and the frequency will be noted in the binder.
  • Once the transmitter is affixed in bracelet, the family is given a battery tester and Daily Transmitter Tester Log which must be completed 2x daily. This log must be returned to the Community Oriented Policing unit when the battery is replaced.
  • Batteries for CARE TRAK are to be changed every other month. Families need to contact Community Oriented Police Unit approximately every 8 weeks to get battery replaced EVEN IF THE BATTERY IS STILL OPERATING. The client family will need to pay $10 for the replacement of the battery. If the battery should fail, the family should contact Community Oriented Police Unit immediately.
  • Should the CARE TRAK client run away or go missing, the family should contact 9-1-1 immediately.
For more information about the Care Trak program contact Deputy Chief Brian Dooley at (630) 594-1124.

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