What Is the Village Doing About Elgin O’Hare Construction?
While the Elgin O’Hare expansion is not a Village project, it has been involved as much as possible in its planning, development and construction. We appreciate the Tollway listening to our feedback and taking our input under advisement. As a result of our participation, the Village of Bensenville has had significant influence in the design of the Elgin O’Hare, as well as in the day to day activities related to its construction. The Village has also served as a clearinghouse of information about the Elgin O’Hare project for our residents and businesses.

Will I Be Able to Get to O’Hare Airport On the Elgin O’Hare?
Drivers going eastbound on the Elgin O’Hare will eventually be able to access O’Hare from York Road via a new ramp crossing over York Road and various railroads. The project will also accommodate a future ramp connection directly from Elgin O’Hare to the west side of O’Hare.

Where Will the Tollbooths Be Located?
In November 2014, the Tollway released its tolling plan for the Elgin O’Hare, including where the tolls will be located. Tollbooths

Who Should I Contact With a Complaint About Elgin O’Hare?
Questions may be directed to the Illinois Tollway Authority. They have established a local field office located at 1555 Mittel Boulevard, Suite D, Entrance 5, in Wood Dale. You may visit in person or call 630-422-1246. The Field Office hours are M-F, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m..

Will Traffic On Irving Park Road & Other Local Streets Get Worse?
It is not fully known if traffic on local roadways will improve or get worse. The Tollway claims that traffic on Irving Park Road will improve after construction of the Elgin O’Hare is complete, as regional traffic will instead use the new tollroad.