January 2017 Completed FOIA Requests

1/5/2017 Johnny Kalamatainos  Oak Brook, IL  New Business Licenses Issued
9/1/16 - 12/15/16 
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1/5/2017 Thomas Peters  Fox Lake, IL  Permits Issued 12/1/16 - 1/5/17
With Construction Value of $400,000
or Greater
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1/5/2017 Chris Gallagher Antioch, IL All Records RE: 785 Fairway Dr. Complete View
1/5/2017 Mary Rider West Bend, WI Crime Report No. 16-11525 Complete  
1/5/2017 Nelson Olivero Chicago, IL All Police Reports RE: Alejandro Gomez Complete  
1/5/2017 Cody Lopez Plainfield, IL Arrest ReportNo. 16-13197  Complete  
1/5/2017 Jennifer Schubert Wheaton, IL Crime Report No. 17-0096 Complete  
1/6/2017 Pawel Kruk Bensenville, IL Police Report Filed 12/4/16 at 113 W. Belmont
1/6/2017 Robert Petras Bensenville, IL Police Report No. 16-13101 Complete  
1/6/2017 Jacqueline Frey Streamwood, IL Police Report No. 06-11216 Complete  
1/6/2017 Charon Johnson Bensenville, IL All Police Reports RE: Monique Thomas Complete  
1/9/2017 Tom Van Winkle Riverside, IL Dog and Cat Information From 2015 Complete View
1/9/2017 Fabiola Cobos Addison, IL Police Report No. 09-24300 Complete  
1/9/2017 David Sweis Oak Brook, IL Violation for 435, 451, 465 , 502 E. Pine Ave. & 
301 Marion Ct.
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1/9/2017 Jack Riley Warrenville, IL 801 N. Route 83 Permit Information Complete View
1/9/2017 Jack Riley Warrenville, IL 1050 W. Thorndale Ave. Permit Information Complete View
1/10/2017 Fabiola Nacsimento Chicago, IL Arrest Report No. 16-11252 Complete  
1/10/2017 Henry Lopez Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 16-11209 Complete  
1/10/2017 Sebastian Michalski Wood Dale, Il Crime Report No. 16-10593 Complete  
1/10/2017 Mike Viso N/A New Business Licenses Issued In 2016 Complete View
1/11/2017 Suzanna Krynski Cape Canaveral,
Debt Owed for 11 Green Street, #505 Complete View
1/13/2017 Andrew Smith Elgin, IL Backflow Device Information Complete View
1/13/2017 Jessica Radtke Alsip, IL Backflow Device  Information Complete View
1/13/2017 Tim Soltys Oak Brook, IL Violations for 112 Brookwood Since 2009 Complete View
1/16/2017 Ray Dayne Bartlett, IL All Records RE: 729 Thomas Dr. Complete View
1/17/2017 Jennifer Yarnell Schiller Park, IL All Police Reports RE: Frank Coconate Complete  
1/17/2017 Jesus Camarillo Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 17-0317 Complete  
1/17/2017 Rachel 
Boca Raton, FL Police Department Payroll Information Complete View
1/17/2017 Mai Nguyen Carol Stream, IL JB Metalbab Mfg., Inc Business License Information Complete View
1/20/2017 Mohammed Kalidi Bollingbrook, IL Non Crime/Other Report No. 17-0039 Complete  
1/20/2017 Grisel Pulido Bensenville, IL Call for Service Report No. 17-0350 Complete  
1/20/2017 Milan Kangrga Glenview, IL Crime Report No. 16-12273 Complete  
1/25/2017 David Sweis Oak Brook, IL 215 Roosevelt Ave., 127 Dolores Dr., 506 E. Pine Ave.,
515 W. Main St., 1042 S. York Rd., 1070 Judson St.,
Violations from 2015 & 2016
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1/27/2017 Nicolas Morasles-Rios Bensenville, IL Non Crime/Other Report No. 17-0643 Complete  
1/27/2017 Omar Felix Bensenville, IL Call for Service Reports No. 17-0376; 15-12270;
1/27/2017 Sara Dietrich Chicago, IL Arrest Report No. 15-9422 Complete  
1/27/2017 Fei Tan Chicago, IL Incident Reports No. 99-14923 & 00-15569 Complete  
1/27/2017 Genny Carbajal Bensenville, IL Incident Report No. 98-7152 Complete  
1/27/2017 Santino Gambino Chicago, IL 157 South York Road Records Complete View
1/27/2017 Adam Zakroczymski Antioch, IL 530 E. Green St. Records Complete View