Wildlife Control

ABC Humane Wildlife Control

The Village has approved ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention Inc. for wildlife nuisance control on private property. The Police Department will continue to respond to those type of complaints and to complaints from residents regarding dogs, cats, and animal abuse situations.

To better assist residents in addressing wild animal nuisance problems on private property ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention Inc. has been identified as providing professional services at the lowest cost to Bensenville residents. ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention Inc. will charge a private resident directly for the trapping and removal of raccoons, skunks, opossums, squirrels, rabbits, groundhogs and foxes.

The Village is not the purchaser of private animal control services and the decision to use ABC Humane Wildlife is that of the property owner and not the Village. The decision whether to use ABC Humane Wildlife, or any other commercial animal control service, is completely up to the resident. Residents wishing to use ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention Inc. must deal directly with the company.

ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention 847-870-7175

Contract Pricing Offered to Residents of the Village of Bensenville

Services Discounted Under This Contract
Initial visit:This visit includes an inspection. If trapping is indicated, it also includes the setting of a humane box trap.
Return visit to pick up an animal in our trap, or in a trap owned by a resident:


Additional traps set:
$64.50 each
24-hour a day telephone consultation:

Services under this contract are for single-family homes, individual duplex units, and individual townhome units. Commercial buildings, offices, and multi-unit properties are excluded, except that municipal properties belonging to the Village of Bensenville will be serviced at the discounted rate