Redmond Reservoir Expansion

This 100% federally funded project is part of a collaborative effort between the Village and DuPage County Stormwater Division (DCSD). The major scope of work includes creating additional 20 ac-ft (approx. 6,500,000 gallons) of storage capacity within the Redmond Reservoir. The scope of work also includes resurfacing of the path around the reservoir, mechanical and electrical upgrades to the pump station, native plantings, rock toe installation as well as shoreline stabilization. At this time, the tentative start date for the project is week of April 23, 2018. The project has a substantial completion date of October 30, 2018. The final completion of this project will be May 31, 2021 due to the maintenance and monitoring necessary for the native plantings being installed as part of this project.

For more information read INFORMATION LETTER NO. 1

Update 06/21/2019

The second pump was delivered and installed on June 19th. The contractor is now working on hooking up the electrical components of the pump. A start up for pump will be scheduled soon. This completes all major components of the project. The staff is continuously working with the County staff and contractor to ensure the vegetation growth within the excavated area.  

Update 04/12/2019

During the week of April 8th, the contractor performed the pump startup for one 22,500 GPM and 4,500 GPM. They both are now hooked up to the new electrical as well as SCADA. They are working satisfactorily. The contractor also pulled out the other old 22,500 GPM pump and will be taking it for a re-build. The re-build is expected to take about 16 weeks.

Update 11/09/2018

Contractor removed the construction entrance off of Jefferson St and restored with dirt and seed during the week of 11-5-18. The remaining outstanding items are mainly electrical/mechanical inside the pump house and punch list. The delivery of the re-built 250 HP has been postponed to mid-November.  Electrical upgrades are expected after the installation of the 250 HP pump.

Update 08/16/2018

During the week of Aug 13, contractor finished grinding of the path around Redmond reservoir as well as parking lot on George St. Weather permitting, the contractor is scheduled to pave the path and the parking lot on Friday August 17. The outstanding items after the pacing is completed will be mainly electrical/mechanical inside the pump house and punch list. This items of work will minimal impacts to the recreational users of the facility. Currently, one of the two big pumps is being re-built and is about 12 week out from delivery.

Update 08/06/2018

Weather permitting, the contractor is tentatively scheduled to begin grinding of the parking lot on George St as well as the path around the reservoir during the week of Aug 13, 2018. Both the path and the lot will be resurfaced likely towards the end of that week or early the week of Aug 20. During these operations, the path and the lot will be closed to its users. We apologize for the inconvenience during this time.

Update 08/02/2018

During the week of July 30, contractor finished excavation and rock toe installation as well as shoreline stabilization. During the week of August 6, weather permitting, the contractor will work on topsoil re-spread in the excavated areas as well as restoration of the area.

Update 06/05/2018

During the week of June 11, contractor is planning to mobilize the site and begin rock toe installation along the shoreline of the existing reservoir. The excavation will be performed after the completions of the rock toe installation.

Update 05/18/2018

During the week of May 14, contractor did not perform any work due to wet weather that occurred earlier in the week. Weather permitting, the contractor is scheduled to begin earth excavation starting the week of May 21.

Update 05/04/2018

During the week of April 30, contractor worked on vegetation removal along the shoreline.  Weather permitting, during the week of May 7, contractor will continue to work on the vegetation removal along the shoreline and tentatively begin earth excavation work.