November 2018 Completed FOIA Requests

11/1/2018 Amiruddin Ahmed Itasca, IL 1143 David Dr. Violations and Water Bill Complete View
11/1/2018 Ryan Hoff Geneva, IL 245-55 William St. Records Complete View
11/1/2018 Thomas Peters Fox Lake, IL Permits Issued 10/1/18 - 11/1/18 for Construction
Value of $400,000 or Greater
Complete View
11/6/2018 James Muccianti Addison, IL 822-834 Eagle Drive Violations Complete View
11/6/2018 Amanda Ellis Chicago, IL 1313 W. Irving Park Road Business License 
Complete View
11/6/2018 James Brill N/A Case No. 18CH1065 Complete View
11/6/2018 Gina Kehoe Villa Park, IL All Police Reports RE: Timothy Hengels Complete  
11/6/2018 Gina Kehoe Villa Park, IL All Police Reports RE: Barbara Lukaszczy Complete  
11/6/2018 Tak Trucking, Inc. Elk Grove
Village, IL
Crime Report No. 18-13462 Complete  
11/8/2018 Mary McCarthy Melrose Park, IL New Business Licenses Issued in September 
and October 2018
Complete View
11/8/2018 Miranda Curtis Chicago, IL Accident Reports from 10/24/18 - 11/7/18 Complete  
11/8/2018 Tish Powell Batavia, IL Republic Services Agreement from 2018 Complete View
11/8/2018 Lukasz Strok Chicago, IL List of Completed FOIA Requested from October 2018 Complete View
11/9/2018 Kenneth Quiceno Woodridge, IL Crime Report No. 18-12891 Complete  
11/9/2018 Lexi Wachter Jersey City, NJ 736-740 Birginal Drive Information Complete View
11/9/2018 Denisse Han-
Chicago, IL Arrest Report No. 09-21741 Complete  
11/9/2018 Peter Decker Chicago, IL 107 Gateway Road Permits Complete View
11/9/2018 Flood Brothers
Terrace, IL
Business Licenses Issued in 2016 Complete View
11/13/2018 Delia Agron Chicago, IL Crime Report No. 16-0897 Complete  
11/13/2018 Denis Gonzalez Bensenville, IL Call for Service Report No. 17-14319 Complete  
11/14/2018 Joseph Abbate Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 18-13939 Complete  
11/14/2018 Chris Hernandez Bensenville, IL Call for Service Report No. 18-13982 Complete  
11/14/2018 Rosa Zaragoza Wood Dale, IL Arrest Report No. 17-13845 Complete  
11/15/2018 Christine Perakis Highland Park, IL 16W500 2nd Court Information Complete View
11/15/2018 James Nicademus Joliet, IL Arrest Report No. 18-13954 Complete  
11/15/2018 Julie Wylie Southeastern, PA Crime Report No. 18-13555 Complete  
11/19/2018 Claudia Kiley Bensenville, IL All Police Reports RE: Claudia Kiley from 2000-2007 Complete  
11/19/2018 Alberto Torres Northlake, IL Crime Report No. 18-14059 Complete  
11/19/2018 Janet Limon Wood Dale, IL Crime Report No. 16-2718 Complete  
11/20/2018 David Girard Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 18-14181 Complete  
11/20/2018 Jennifer Bunger Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 18-14228 Complete  
11/20/2018 Michal Darowicz Oak Lawn, IL All Police Reports RE: Patrycja Darowicz Complete  
11/20/2018 Oleg Pedashov Lynwood, IL Crime Report No. 18-5811 Complete  
11/20/2018 Etelvina Matias-
Bensenville, IL Call for Service Report No. 18-14298 Complete  
11/21/2018 Ewa Bvzezinsla Elk Grove
Village, IL
Bid Results for the Last Janitorial Services Bid Complete View
11/21/2018 Matthew Carpenter Wheeling, IL CDC Cases Since July 1, 2018 Complete View
11/21/2018 Renee Hix Mays Downer Grove, IL 570 County Line Road Records Complete View
11/21/2018 Ed Quinonez Skokie, IL 1071 Waveland Avenue Water Bill History Complete View
11/27/2018 Miranda Curtis Chicago, IL Accident Reports from 11/8/18 - 11/22/18 Complete  
11/27/2018 Pedro Llanes Summit, IL Crime Report No. 18-6545 Complete  
11/27/2018 Grace Dastice Chicago, IL Non Crime/Other Report No. 18-9325 Complete  
11/27/2018 Eric Lonergan Bensenville, IL Crime Report No. 18-14494 Complete  
11/27/2018 Carlos Sanchez N/A Call for Service Report No. 18-7033 Complete  
11/28/2018 Randall Heinz Elmhurst, IL Call for Service Report No. 17-6768 Complete  
11/28/2018 Pedro Lopez Addison, IL Incident Report No. 06-7927 Complete  
11/29/2018 Jamie Idiyaly Bloomingdale, IL 415 S. Walnut St. Water Bill & Violations Complete View
11/29/2018 Jim Muccianti Addison, IL 822, 826, 830, 834 Eagle Drive Past & Current 
Complete View
11/30/2018 Maryanne Lonergan Bensenville, IL 406 S. Mason St. Water Bills and Violations 
from 1/1/14 - 7/1/17
Complete View