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Posted on: December 17, 2020

Bensenville Annual Tree Pruning


The Village’s Annual Tree Pruning  will begin in Maintenance Zones 4 & 6 on the first of the year (weather permitting).

Winter is the dormant season for trees and usually the best time to prune a tree.  This winter, the Village is pruning Village trees in Maintenance Zones 4 & 6. 

Area 4, includes the areas South of Green Street, East of York Road, North of Red Oak Street and West of County Line Road. Total parkway trees in this area is 730. 375 of these trees which are under 16 inches in diameter will be pruned by Village of Bensenville Forestry staff and 355 of these trees that are 16 inches in diameter and larger will be pruned by the Village’s contractor (Winkler Tree Services). 

Area 6 includes Huffman Park, Redmond Recreation Complex and the Village Police Station. Total trees is these areas is 683, all being pruned by Village of Bensenville Forestry staff.

Bensenville contracted with Winkler’s Tree Service to trim 16” and larger diameter trees, indicated by a blue dot, while the Village crews will trim trees that are less than 16” in diameter. This is all part of the Village’s 4-year Pruning Cycle. After the trees are pruned they may look barren until new spring growth occurs. History has proven that proper tree pruning is vital to maintain the appearance and health of the urban forest. View Pruning Zone Map.

Trees are pruned for improved Aesthetics, Safety and Health.   This work is all done by ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified arborist. The Village of Bensenville has 3 certified arborist on staff. 


  • Helps to maintain a trees shape and appearance
  • Eliminates dead or broken branches and limbs that can fall off at any time.
  • Reduces tree limbs and branches that occasionally grow too close to utility lines.
  • Makes is possible to save an infected tree by strategically trimming away affected branches and limbs.
  • Thins the crown of a tree to improve airflow, which is beneficial.
  • Reduces branches that are crossing or rubbing together, so they don’t fall unexpectedly.  
  • Allows sun light to penetrate the crown of the tree to promote new growth and strengthen existing limbs.
  • Eliminates weak forks in tree stems and reduces the weight on support limbs.
  • Reduces the possibility of future damage to the tree by high winds and storms.
  • Maintains adequate visibility and vertical clearance for vehicle and pedestrian traffic

 For more information on the Village’s Forestry Division visit:


Pruning Zone Map...
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